Intention Candles are used to add Strength, Power and Swiftness to your Intention (or Spell, Ritual, Desire, etc). These Candles burn for approximately 2 - 2.5 hours depending on Environment, are made from Para-soy, measure approx 5", and are unscented.


These can be "dressed" with Herbs, Oils, Engravings, etc to add even more Power. Use the following guide below to help select the Candle that best suits you.


Directions: Set your Intention in your Mind's Eye. (You can write it down as a Petition if desired). If called to do so, dress the Candle appropriately. Light your Candle as you focus on said Intention. Let Candle burn all the way down. Your Intention is SET.



RED: Passion, Courage, Confidence, Fire, Masculine, Lust, Romance, Swiftness. Root Chakra

ORANGE: Creativity, Confidence, Happiness, Autumn, Success, Joy, Uplifting. Sacral Chakra

YELLOW: Will Power, Happiness, the Sun, Healing, Activation, Trust, Opportunities. Solar Plexus Chakra

GREEN: Nature, Abundance, Money, Luck, Prosperity, Healing, Opportunity. Heart Chakra

BLUE: Communication, Calm, Peace, Water, Tranquility, Inspiration, Balance, Wisdom. Throat Chakra

PURPLE: Psychic Matters, Mind's Eye, Intuition, Spirit, Divination. Third Eye Chakra.

LAVENDER: Spirit Communication, Healing, Peace, Divine Guidance, Angels. Third Eye/Crown Chakra.

PINK: Love, Romance, Harmony, Soothing.

WHITE: Purity, Cleanse, Serenity, Peace, Truth. Crown/All Chakras.

BLACK: Protection, Removal of Energies, Banishing, Grounding, New Beginnings.

BROWN: Ancestor Communication, Earth, Stability, Grounding, Abundance. Earth Star Chakra.

Spell & Intention Chime Candles