Size: 1" Approx

Mined From: Brazil


Keywords: Grounding, Focus, Stability, Purpose


Spiritual/Emotional: Stimulates the Root Chakra. Heals attachment to negative energies and sexual issues. Grounds the Soul into the body. Supports the rise of Kundalini Energy.


Physical: Enhances Strength and Energy. Encourages quick recovery from illness or injury. Supports circulatory and respiratory systems.


Chakra: Root, Sacral


Our Experience: Red Jasper is your go-to stone when you need that beautiful grounding energy from Mother Earth. It fuses the Spiritual Self with the Physical Self to give you a deep sense of purpose and power... rooted in Mother Earth and Ancestors. Red Jasper is GREAT for clearing the mind of negative attachments. It stimulates and activates the Root Chakra to give us an increase in Strength, Stamina and Sexual Energy.


You will receive one Red Jasper Crystal that is Intuitively selected by us to be the best fit for you. It will arrive Cleansed, Charged, and ready to work for you!


Please allow for natural variations in color, shape and size with our Crystals, as Mother Nature is the Creator.


BE WISE WHERE YOU PURCHASE FROM! All of our Crystals are harvested SUSTAINABLY. No child labor, no forced labor. FAIR WAGES.


**These Crystals are sold as a Metaphysical tool, for Spiritual Purpose, not intended to treat or diagnose any ailment. Our advice and our products should not replace the advice of your Doctor. 

Red Jasper Tumble