Palo Santo (or Holy Wood) is a Sacred Smudge from South America. This Smudge is used as a deep, Spiritual cleanse. It calms the mind, the nerves, and promotes a deep sense of Peace and Well Being. Used before Meditation (or sleep) Palo Santo sets the tone for a beautiful journey, as it only invites Light in.




You will receive one Smudge Stick.


How to Smudge:

  • Start in the back corner of your Space.
  • Open doors, windows, closets, cabinets, etc. Light the end of the Smudge- it’s doesn’t take much!
  • Say and repeat a Mantra or Prayer while performing the Smudge (either in your mind or out loud): “Whatever Energy present that is not a Vibrational fit for me/my family/my space is not welcome.”
  • Get under beds, inside cabinets, even flush the toilet! Allow the gentle smoke to get into every nook and cranny.
  • End up at the front door, open it, and say your Mantra once more- with Passion! It is done.
  • Set Sage aside in a heat proof dish and allow it to go out by itself.

Palo Santo "Holy Wood" Smudge