Black Sage (Mugwort Smudge) is used for Spiritual Deep-Cleaning, Relaxation, Peace, and Enhancement of Psychic Abilities. Great to burn before Meditation, Divination, and before Sleep. Black Sage adds a unique sense of Tranquility after Smudging, as it quiets the human mind, releases old Energies, promotes Peace and allows you to be. 




You will receive one Smudge Stick.


How to Smudge:

  • Start in the back corner of your Space.
  • Open doors, windows, closets, cabinets, etc. Light the end of the Smudge- it’s doesn’t take much!
  • Say and repeat a Mantra or Prayer while performing the Smudge (either in your mind or out loud): “Whatever Energy present that is not a Vibrational fit for me/my family/my space is not welcome.”
  • Get under beds, inside cabinets, even flush the toilet! Allow the gentle smoke to get into every nook and cranny.
  • End up at the front door, open it, and say your Mantra once more- with Passion! It is done.
  • Set Sage aside in a heat proof dish and allow it to go out by itself.

Black Sage Smudge 7"