Intuitive Tarot

Readings with Chris

Gain a new perspective, extreme insight, clarity, and even solutions that will help you along your journey.


Utilizing an intuitive, unique and straight-forward approach to reading; Chris channels Guides, Angels, and other-world Energetic Beings, to give you a clear and direct message.


Come with an open mind, receive the messages & advice that awaits, and prepare to become a better you.

Session: $35 (40-45 mins)

Mini Session: $20 (15 minutes)

Chakra Readings & 

Shamanic Healing with Marty

Feeling out of Balance? Marty scans your energetic field, and works to realign what is out of balance within your Chakra system. After scanning and charging, he offers advice/tools/recommendations to assist in your path of ascension and realignment.

If you are on a deeper path, or Spiritually "stuck"; Marty offers Shamanic Ritual Healing- involving Soul Retrieval, Spirit Animal activation, as well as Shadow Work, and many other modalities to help you find your true purpose.

Chakra Session: $45 (30-45 mins)

Shamanic Healing: $120+ (1 hour)

Call to book your session: 918-424-6885